New aspect Ltd,
model workshop
50-B Mayakovskogo Str.,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

About the company

The team of the company “New Aspect” began to be formed in 2002 in one of the architectural workshops of St. Petersburg. Future employees of the company then worked on the production of architectural models in the “Architectural Studio of V.V. Arsenyev” as a department consisting of three people. Five years later, in 2007, the department moved in its entirety to the Studio 44 architectural bureau. Since March 2010, the breadboard workshop has been registered as an independent legal entity — the New Aspect Limited Liability Company (New Aspect LLC) — and works with any customers. During this time, the company’s team has increased several times, the technical equipment of the workshop has expanded and allows you to perform almost any technological tasks, a serious client base of dozens of customers working in various fields of construction and industry has been accumulated.Layout workshop “New Aspect” continues to develop and does not stop there – we update and improve the technology of making layouts and other services, expand and train the team, establish contacts with new customers.The staff of our layout workshop is staffed by specialists with higher architectural, design, and art-graphic education. These are people who have a long and successful experience in the field of making layouts, possess the necessary computer programs, a creative approach and the ability to perform manual work of jewelry complexity.  The electrical engineer of our workshop successfully performs work on the design of complex electronic and electromechanical systems for layouts.A healthy atmosphere in the team and team spirit allow you to quickly and accurately solve tasks. We never outsource work and rely only on our own specialists.Production can be divided into several separate processes, each of which is performed on our production site.First, it is the definition of the general style of the future layout, the choice of design, selection of materials, and preliminary selection of the layout manufacturing technology.Second, it is computer processing and adaptation of the source data provided by the customer. This includes: building or adapting 3D models, developing or adapting drawings, choosing the layout technology, cutting the product into individual parts, designing the layout assembly scheme, etc.Third, the production of all components and parts of the future layout. Most often this happens using the cutting of parts on CNC machines.And finally, fourth, this is the final assembly of the layout. At the same stage, the layout electrics are installed.We carry out all these processes on our production site, which is equipped with everything necessary for a full production cycle. Workplaces are equipped with comfortable furniture and well-lit. Layouts are assembled on specially manufactured large-format assembly tables. There is a place for storing a stock of materials and components for the layout.The technology park is presented with everything necessary for the workshop: computers and office equipment, cutting plotter, 3D printer, CNC milling machine, Styrofoam cutting machine, sharpening machine, drill bits, a set of woodworking machines (electric saws, milling machines, lathes, grinding machines, drilling machines, etc.). Additionally, there is an exhaustive list of hand tools that allow to perform work accurately and efficiently.

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